Get Fresh - Warrior Princess Duo Christmas Gift Bag

Get Fresh

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The perfect gift for those who love bath time rituals and silky soft skin!

Warrior Princess is a collection of wonderfully smelling, botanically based bath & body products that have a luscious profusion of Blackberry and Vanilla, spiked with a zesty hint of lemon, bergamot and peach. 

This set includes full size Warrior Princess Creamy Body Wash and Rich Body Creme which go hand in hand perfectly for moisturising and nourishing the body even whilst bathing or showering. 

Priced to give your clients an amazing offer of 'buy the body creme, get the body wash half price'

RRP £33.50 (usual RRP £43.70)


Creamy Body WashOur Creamy Body Wash doubles as an in-shower moisturizer by quenching dry skin with a decadent lather rich in grape seed extracts and exotic oils that hydrate the skin long after your shower is over! Also doubles as a great shaving lather.

Rich Body CremeOur Rich Body Creme delivers an extended dose of 24-hour moisture and protection with a combination of natural oils, tropical nut butters and antioxidant botanicals. Never greasy or sticky, your skin will feel noticeably supple and smooth.


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